What Are Red And White Blood Cells?

Cheap Natural Mat Coco Mat – Our blood is the source of life. We get the oxygen and the nutrients our bodies need through the blood pumped by our heart. This blood, as many of you know is composed of various substances and parts and two of the most important parts of the blood are the red blood cells and white blood cells. In this article, you will be able to know more about these essential compositions of our blood.

Red blood cells

Our blood has 4 components, the red cell or erythrocytes, the white blood cells or leukocytes, platelets or thrombocytes, and plasma. Majority of the blood volume are composed of the red blood cells on your body. These red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen through its component hemoglobin to the other cells of the body. In addition to that, these red cells also are the ones responsible for carrying nutrients essential for the cells to thrive. White blood cells proliferate as our body’s defense to infection and diseases

White blood cells

On the other hand, leukocytes or our white cells play a major function in our immune system. These white blood cells are responsible in producing the substances and antibodies needed by the body to fight off bacteria, allergens, blood clots, and diseases that might affect our bodies negatively. Our white cells are divided into 2 types: granulocytes and aggranulocytes and their difference lies on the presence of granules in the cell body.

Granulocytes-There are three types of granucolytes: neutrophil, basophil and eosinophils. Neutrophil is the most common type of granucolytes that can be found in the body, you have, approximately five million of this in a litre of your blood. These types have a maximum life span of six hours. They are responsible in detecting a source of infection and then die and turn into pus once they have done their job. On the other hand, eosinophils are responsible in terminating parasites that invade your body. This type of granucolytes contains unique type of proteins that makes it capable to do so. Lastly, basophils are responsible for giving you inflammatory responses when a part of your body is infected. This type releases histamine that causes the response which will disallow other invaders, parasites, or bacteria to enter your body.

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