The Best Protein Rich Foods for Type O’s

Cheap Kicker 08ZX1500.1 4500W Mono – Like all the other blood types, the O group also has unique dietary requirements; especially when it comes to protein. According to research, it has been proved that this blood group needs a high protein diet because it is consider a universal donor. It is essential to provide your body with the required nutrients it needs; in order to maintain healthy cells and tissues; and maintain overall health and vitality. The most prominent characteristic of Type O is that they do very well on a high protein diet. It is said about them that they thrive on intense physical exercise as well as animal proteins. Protein is essential in building muscles, restoring and replacing tissues, and maintaining a healthy immune and hormonal system. For people who are physically active, more protein is needed in their diets.

D’Adamo believes that people with type O blood should eat the kind of diet that are synonymous with the earliest humans; i.e. a diet that is rich in fat and animal protein. The more stressful your job or demanding your exercise program, the higher the grade of protein you should consume. The best sources of proteins include beef, lamb, mutton, veal and venison. Type Os can efficiently digest and metabolize meats specially bacon, ham, goose, pork. Cold-water fish are excellent for Type Os e.g. cod, herring, and mackerel.

Over the years, nuts and seeds have been among the best sources of protein for people of all types. Examples of these nuts are almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, and walnuts. These can be consumed by type O’s in any form; whether they are chopped, eaten raw, or roasted. Other rich sources of protein are legumes; which are edible dried beans (seedpods) and include chickpeas, flagelot beans, kidney beans, split beans, haricot beans, and lentils. Eating protein rich cooked grains and cereals can also promote muscle building; which perfectly falls in the type O range. Algae, which are a type of seaweed, spirulina is among the best protein-rich foods there are; and is a very healthy option for type O individuals to consume.

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